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I need to pull up my average :( Help please

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Hey there,

I am extreamly worried because my grades are not soo good this year, I find teachers are unfair when making quizzes and tests...they make them about 2x harder than the examples done in class and the review questions.

Anyways,I need advice on how I could pull up my grades. Please be honest while proving some advice. I want to go to Waterloo for Honours bachelor of science - Biology or any other health/life science program at waterloo.

My courses :

Physics - Gr 11 U level
English - Gr 11 U level
Philosophy - Gr11 Open level
Functions - Gr11 U level

Right now I'm in the low - mid 60's in everything except philosophy.

I study for about 2 - 3 hours a day...I procrastinate alot..how should I fix that?

How do you study?

* I'm a French Immersion student ; so I'm more languages oriented but I enjoy science :)

For some reason my grades do not reflect my hard work...which is why I'm concerned.

Any advice is greatly appreciated :)
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The tests thing... it just happens. I'm assuming its not actually untaught content, its just application beyond what you've already seen. So what it really takes is just a bit of extra thinking on your part (i.e. not pure memorization). You should really reconsider your strengths if you're studying daily and your marks are clearly not reflecting it. Either way, grade 11 doesn't matter so take your time. I've never found procrastination to be too big of an issue, actually the bulk of people I know procrastinate to some extent. Really if you're that worried, get a tutor and start doing some more relevant practice. There's no point doing textbook questions if your test is going to be harder - get some other resources (e.g. your teacher's past tests) that will prepare you better.

Generally, if you didn't do well in a subject in grade 10, chances are you will not do well in grade 11-12. Rarely have a heard someone's marks going up since the years, unless they're honestly increased their dedication and time allotted to working by THAT much. I'd also reconsider what you want to do after high school... You probably haven't even taken biology yet, so why are you so set on studying it? Find out your definite passions and mix them with your strengths, that what I believe in.
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