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I need your help! Grade 11 course selections...

A photo of midnight433 midnight433
I am currently in my grade 10 year of high school, and I have taken these classes in grade 10.

CHV2OF (Civics): 97%
ENG2D1 (English): 95%
GLC2OF (Careers): 100%
MPM2D1 (Grade 10 Math): 96%
CHC2DF (History): 95%
ICS2O1 (Computer Studies): 95%
Those are the classes from semester 1, these are my current subjects....

HSP3MF (Grade 11 Psychology)
FEF2DF (French for Extended French students)
MCR3U1 (Grade 11 Functions)
SNC2DF (Science)

I'm stuck on what to choose for grade 11. Here's what I have so far, I need two more. I am also unsure of whether it's good or not to take all these sciences and maths. I'm thinking about adding Grade 12 Biology and Grade 12 Chemistry as well. Please help and give me your opinions and experiences!!

ENG3U1 (English)
FEF3UF (French)
SBI3U1 (Biology)
SCH3U1 (Chemistry)
SPH3U1 (Physics)
MHF4U1 (Grade 12 Functions)
MDM4U1 (Grade 12 Data Management)

NEED 2 MORE! What do you guys recommend? I'm aiming on going into the Health department, and becoming a Family Physician or a Pediatrician.
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A photo of Shenaia Shenaia
Have you taken grade 11 Bio and grade 11 Chem yet? I believe those are prerequisites.
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A photo of Eliowns Eliowns
Well, I'd suggest you take ICS3U, I found it even easier than ICS2O.
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