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I want to become a CA any advice...?

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I want to become a CA any advice or tips on how I can achieve this goal?
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Check this site out, it has a lot of good information. The ICAO site (Insititute for Chartered Accountants of Ontario) may also be of use to you. If you are not in Ontario, check out the CA Canada (CICA) site here.

Basically, you need to take a four-year undergrad program that includes the required 51 credit-hours. There are some programs that are fully accredited, which are the better schools for the most part and you don't have to count hours. Also consider one with co-op. That can be found on the Guide To Ruling the World site, which is the first link. After the undergrad, there is 30 months of work experience at a CATO (CA Training Office). Then there is 3 exams you must write, including the big/hard well-known UFE. Then you are a CA!

What grade are you in btw?

Some of the top programs for accounting are Schulich BBA, Laurier BBA, Waterloo AFM-PA (probably the best 3), then Rotman Commerce is also good and another less-known one is Brock BAcc. What is your average like?

Hope that helps, and I can give some more info if you answer those questions.
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