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I want to get a BUSINESS degree HELP!!

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hi, i wanted to ask that are the following courses ok for gr 12, as i want to become a CA and really like business:

Advanced Functions
International Business
Data Management- i want to take data in the summer, how hard is it?
or should i take it in normal semester, but that would mean 2 maths in one semester, pls give me some advice.

If i take data in normal semester then should i take English in the summer, i want to have i spare each semester. pls advice me on if you think that the courses are balanced out or are they all very difficult.

can u also rate how difficult you think my next year would be from a scale from 1 to 10.

I also want to know that how difficult is uni for business degrees like BBA or BCOM. I love business and i read have read many books on banking, finance and economics in my free time. Pls advice me more as i want to be a CA.
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Hey asimayyaz,

Sounds like you are really passionate about business!

In terms of the courses, you are taking the courses required to get accepted to majority of business programs. In terms of advice, your success is dependent on a few components:
- I'm assuming you are in Grade 11. How are your marks in Grade 11 so far?
- What are schools you want to apply for? Based on the school, you can better understand exactly what what average you need to get into the school of your choice.
- Balance is important and your past academic performance determines what the right balance is for you. If you are having trouble managing a 80% average now, you will have to choose a goal for your target average and make the necessary adjustments in Grade 12 to achieve your goals.

I personally struggled with balancing data management with advanced functions first semester in Grade 12. I wasn't ready for two maths and didn't put in the time to get the marks I wanted. I dropped data. My average in Grade 11 was a low 70 and I brought it up to an 85% in Grade 12. I knew I needed an 83% and I hit my goal!

Do you know what universities you want to apply to? Also, do you know there are requirements in terms of courses you have to take before getting a CA?
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