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I want to get a BUSINESS DEGREE HELP!!!

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hi, i wanted to ask that are the following courses ok for gr 12, as i want to become a CA and really like business:

Advanced Functions
International Business
Data Management- i want to take data in the summer, how hard is it?
or should i take it in normal semester, but that would mean 2 maths in one semester, pls give me some advice.

If i take data in normal semester then should i take English in the summer, i want to have i spare each semester. pls advice me on if you think that the courses are balanced out or are they all very difficult.

can u also rate how difficult you think my next year would be from a scale from 1 to 10.

I also want to know that how difficult is uni for business degrees like BBA or BCOM. I love business and i read have read many books on banking, finance and economics in my free time. Pls advice me more as i want to be a CA.
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A photo of brady23 brady23
Those are great courses to take. If your school offers Financial Securities, you should take it, it is one of the big business courses along with Accounting and Economics.

I think you should take English in summer school. You're likely to learn data better in day school because it is better paced, but taking english in day school isn't going to make you learn english so much better.

If you can take french and spanish I think those would be good courses to take as well.
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A photo of Fma Fma
As as a person who took data during the last summer
maybe I can answer at least one of your questions...

ok, honestly, Im a person who enjoys(and somewhat good at) math.
I successfully finished AF, and calc&vect before taking the data
however, data during summer school is what I dont recommand.
since we only had 1 month, everything was superfast, and some important topics were not even covered.
I highly suggest taking any math course during dayschool if you really wanna learn the concept...!

hope this helped you :D
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A photo of bcd92 bcd92
Yes, these courses seem perfectly fine for the career path you aspire for. Double check with the programs you will/have apply/applied for. As it goes for Data Management, my teachers have told me that it is the easiest math course out of all three math courses (AF, Calc, Data). Now, it depends on you if you can handle two math courses in one semester. I have Calc and Data next semester, so I can’t really tell you how hard it will be. If I could repeat grade 11 again, I would take Advanced Functions second semester of grade 11 and be in touch with previous grade 12 students for notes and such. In summer, I would take English and get TWO GRADE 12 courses completed. Now to me that is a smart plan as you can have spares in your grade 12 year and repeat courses or whatever if required. I would also advise you to make use of your summer wisely and maybe if math is not your strong subject hire a tutor for Calc. Anyhow, the ratings really depends on how much effort you put in. Each and every course is challenging at some point in time. Work hard and don’t spare even a minute if you want to get accepted to the BEST programs offered here in Canada. Good luck (:

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A photo of jelly jelly
Taking AF during 2nd semester grade 11 is a pretty good idea actually. I did this, and I think it was best because grade 11 functions is still fresh in your mind. I found it easier than data as well, which I am taking this semester. Take English in the summer and see how you like it. If you don't like it and/or are not doing well, just drop it.

Business courses in high school are generally seen to be fairly easy. The harder ones are usually accounting and financial securities. Economics is highly based on memorization I believe, and International Business is usually a bird course. The maths depend on the person though - a lot of people find AF and calc difficult but at the same time many found them easy. English is English, you can never tell. Overall I think science courses in high school are way harder than business courses.
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