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Hi, I'm in IB year one at the moment for those who are currently taking or have taken this program before, I was wondering if year 1 marks count? And I've found out that some universities only look at an IB-er's predicted mark and doesn't really care about the actual mark. So aren't IB schools that allegedly have inexperienced teachers more prone to give out higher predicted marks? And does universities take into consideration the IB school and its reputation and judge accordingly for that?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
No, unless you complete some subjects in IB1. E.g, at my school, we finish math SL and French B SL at the end of grade 11 and finish the other 4 subjects at the end of grade 12. So in that case, the results of our math and French exams count as our final IB mark for those subjects.

I live in Ontario and only applied to Ontario universities, they didn't look at my IB marks (predicted or final) at all. If you're out of province, they may look at predicteds.
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