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iBA ??? YORK

A photo of sandrinaf12 sandrinaf12
hii does any1 know how the whole iBA thing works at york ? and you do know how you learn a new language with the degree , do you have to know it from before you start or do you start learning from fresh ? thanks
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
i go to york's smaller biliingual campus: glendon campus, i guess you can get an iba at the keele campus too, but i'm not too suree about that.

anyways for glendon there are 3 main requirements:

1) you need to participate in an international exchange for either half a year or the full year (in your third year)

2) need to take 12 'international-oriented' credits (or in other words 2 full year courses)

3) you need to take 3 full year courses of french of at least the 2000 level (second year level)

* and you can get a trilingual ba, if you also take an additional 3 full year courses (2000 level and up) of a third language.

i'm pretty positive that it's the same requirements for keele campus too, seeing as it's the same university.

oh and to answer your question you can definitely start learning the language from scratch, it would probably just require a couple extrra courses to get to the advanced level

anyways hope that helped :)

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A photo of sandrinaf12 sandrinaf12
hey thank you !
I was actually asking for glendon lol but instead typed york so , i am taking french in grade 12 and have a good understanding of it so definately do the bilingual thing but i heard that to do the trilingual at glendon they only offer spanish so i was wondering if ican do some of the courses at york keele campus ??? i was thinking about learning hindi , but i hardly even know it ...
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A photo of sabby597 sabby597
that's awesome that ur considering glendon :)

yeah you can definitely take your third language at keele :)...and you can start from scratch with the language for sure...i'm taking spanish and i'm in the beginner's level and it would just mean you'd have to take the beginner's course in addition to the 3 required courses for the language requirement. so really it's probably just one extra course :)
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