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iBSc at York

A photo of simplyanne simplyanne
I came across the International Biology program York offers and was intrigued by the idea of being able take another modern language course along with bio and chem courses.

However when I looked on the site & google, there wasn't much in-depth info about the program. Are any of you in the program or know people in it? How would you rate it?

Side Note: I'm also interested in applying to U of T Life Sci, Waterloo SciBiz, & McMaster iSci.

Thankyous : )
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A photo of pattycakes pattycakes
I have never heard of that program at York, it may be new. I know that the Schulich has been donating a lot to York so they might have been able to create a new program, for instance they are currently in construction for a new Medical School. I heard that McMaster iSci is a great program; however, very competitive. Only about 60 people get in. Good Luck!
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A photo of FBerle625 FBerle625
I applied to the same program at York!
TBH i was iffy about this one at first, but it was either this or the program without a chance at international exchange.

As I understand it, the program is not far off from the other science programs (most people take the same programs in the 1st year anyways) but YorkU's iBSc as I remember it focuses a little more things on a cellular level, understanding how and why the body reacts to certain situations; what is happening to the body when infected with disease x and such. *NOTE this program will require a course or two in studying other languages if you intend to do the internation exchange (I think it's optional)
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