yconic - If i am "required to withdraw" from a university , can i apply for a college?
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If i am "required to withdraw" from a university , can i apply for a college?

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i know that i need to wait 12 months period after being required to withdraw to re-apply to the same programs and any universities, but is it the same with colleges?
i have no intention on going back to my old program because it definetely wasnt for me. sadly the only reason i chose it is because everyones kept telling me thats where the money was at, and i hated the the prgram from the beginning, but like an idiot i continued it and have a gpa and term gpa less that 2. anyways can i apply for a college like seneca with just my high school marks (which were good)? the program that i always wanted was at colleges but everyone was telling me not to go to college when i finished highschool. btw i go to ryerson
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Were you in Engineering or something lol?

I know some people who hated Engineering and dropped out...
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