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if i keep this up, will i get accepted.

A photo of NeptuniumTrioxide NeptuniumTrioxide
im currently in grade 10, i dream of going to u of t. i wanted to know if i could get in with the current grades i have know (excluding everything else like essays), i have only finished 4 courses. i plan on in rolling in the sciences.
history (academic): 85
science (academic): 92
math (academic): 93
food and nutrition: 87

do you think i have a good chance seeing as how i checked some statistics on their website and the average person to get into the sciences at u of t had an average of 85.7 in 2010.
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A photo of random random
Yeah, it seems like you have a good understanding of what you're learning. Beware that the jump in difficulty from Grade 9 to Grade 10 is minuscule compared to Grade 12. If you can keep up those marks, you'll surely get in, unless you mess up badly in English or something.
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A photo of Rush Rush
The fact that you're only in grade 10 and already thinking about this convinces me that you'll get what you want out of high school.

Keep it up.
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