yconic - If I plan on studying psych/anthro at UBC, whats the better choice?
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If I plan on studying psych/anthro at UBC, whats the better choice?

A photo of LoMa00273 LoMa00273
I have a little problem with my courses. I plan on studying psychology or anthropology, or both, at university (Mount Allison for first year, then transferring to UBC in second year), but my marks are as followed:

(I haven't received my report card yet from last term, but this decision needs to be made before I will get that back)
French 12 - 92%
English 12 - N/a (but definitely 90's)
Leadership - N/a (definitely 90's)
Trigonometry and 3-Space: N/a (definitely not 90's)
Chemistry 12 - 83%
Biology 12 - 86%
Theatre Arts - 91%


I plan on also taking Political Science 120 and Canadian Geography 120, both of which I will make 90's.

I also have the option of boosting my Chemistry mark, or taking Art 110 (a course I don't need, nor particularly want), and the option of boosting my Biology mark, or taking World Issues 120 online.

The reason why I'm asking is because I would enjoy taking World Issues and art, however, is it more important to boost these marks for an overall better average? Everywhere else, I will be in the 90's, except for my math, and sciences. I don't have a chance to redo math (and wouldn't if I did).

I'm also not really interested in doing any sort of science or math related degrees, only arts.

I think perhaps I should redo these courses, especially Chemistry, and this will boost my overall average? Or leave it, and take other courses to make my average higher?

Just tell me what you'd do. :P

And thanks. :)
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
If you're transferring during your second year.. won't they just look at your first year courses?
Not too sure about that..
but if that's NOT the case..
You would need English 12
and four other "appropriate" courses..
French.. Trig.. Bio.. Chem..
You would have around an 87% average.. assuming you got at LEAST an A in trig.
Arts doesn't require a very high average... mid-high 80s probably..
so I don't think you really need to redo it..
But if you want that average boost, you could.
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A photo of jenyouwin jenyouwin
agree with looking at first year marks not high school.

why not apply for direct entry? i'd say you have a pretty solid chance of getting in with a 90+ average and a supplemental to boost your application. vancouver is effen awesome
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A photo of Dischordx Dischordx
No university cares what you took in high school (besides entry requirements and language level) so I would do whatever will get you the highest grades possible (and don't bother redoing your sciences... I got into Arts with extremely low science/math marks and high social studies/english marks - granted, four years ago).
I agree with jenyouwin, though. UBC is a fantastic institution. Unless you're applying to Mt. Allison because of family or financial reasons, there's really no reason to go to that school if you ulimately want to end up at UBC. Or if you're worried about going to such a large city/making friends/connections etc., go to UBC Okanagan for a year.
Best of luck!
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A photo of jenyouwin jenyouwin
Honestly, you'll get bored at UBC-O.

Generally, people here do not hold UBC-O as high of regard as UBC-V because the entrance averages are significantly lower. VANCOUVER!!!!!!
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