yconic - If you've attended college, do universities put more weight on those grades or old high school ones?
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If you've attended college, do universities put more weight on those grades or old high school ones?

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My situation is as follows...

I graduated high school with an 79% average in my top six U/M courses. I took a year off after high school because I did not know what I wanted to study.

After that year off, I completed a one year college certificate program in Art and Design Fundamentals. The transcripts I submitted have an 85% average.

I then was enrolled in an arts diploma program at Sheridan College for one semester. I withdrew after the fall term that just passed because I realised what I truly wanted to study. The transcripts I submitted have a 93% average.

I didn't do badly in high school, but some of my marks aren't the greatest. My grade 12 average, which I mentioned above, is just that: average. My more recent grades - though they are only at a college level - are significantly higher. I even have a 98% average in my Essential Communications class, something I am particularly proud of and hope makes a good impact on the admissions person who reviews my application since I am, after all, applying for English.

In any case, back to the point of this whole thread. Since I graduated high school back in 2009, are universities going to put more weight on my lower high school marks since they are U/M courses, therefore preparatory for university, or will they put more weight on my higher college marks since they are more recent?
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Wrong place to ask this specific type of question, message admissions at the Universities that you've applied to and they'll answer your questions much better then a guy like me.

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I sign up just to respond to this post because I actually had the exact same senario but different colleges & place.. I gradauted fr high school on 2007 though. They still want to see you high school certificate but they will not count any of it to deterimine your Avg.

So The stright answer is: NO, AT ALL!

Universities will not count any of your high school grades towards evaluating your entrance average if you have already done at least 2 semesters in post secondary education ( No matter where). Instead, they will take each and every course you did AFTER high school ( courses from post-secondary instituites) & count them all as one average even if you took them at two different places.

Ex. (85+93)/2 = 89 [ so 89 will be your entrance average in any given time when you submit these two transcripts] and therefore, you can compete at almost any program you wish. Just make sure, you apply as a TRANSFER STUDENT or what is called on OUAC "Advance Standing".. Note that not every course you did in colleges will be waived in university.. You'll be really lucky if you have all of them waived! Other than that you should be fine. Goodluck!

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