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ILOT/ISHA anyone?

A photo of vargato vargato
Hi. Did anyone apply to UBC with one of these nominations?

I know they said that they will be announcing the winners by mid april; however, a friend of mine already got accepted (to the university, she doesn't know about the ILOT award yet).

So my question is, has anyone been announced they have won any of these awards?

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A photo of rFumachi rFumachi
Well I applied and just got accepted to UBC Science, so I guess I'm in the same situation as your friend... SICK OF WAITING! I know there are only 2-3 weeks left, but they are going to be the longest 2-3 weeks ever!!! Anyway, hope your friend gets the award.
Good Luck :)

BTW, tell your friend to join the ILOT/ISHA 2012 fb group http://www.facebook.com/groups/143562109096108/
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