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I'm confused -- how do they decide?

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My main question is: how exactly do they decide on the February-March early-acceptances?
Do they take the average of the courses from 1st semester, or do they incorporate your top 3 marks from grade 11 and top 3 from grade 12 (with pre-reqs)?

ALSO, ...should I re-take advanced functions in night school?

I am expecting to receive a 73% in advanced functions. (I know... :c)

The rest of my expected marks for this semester are:
Yearbook - 92-93%
English - 85%
Business Management - 88-90% (honestly not sure)

I applied to (in order of preference):
Laurier: BBA
Guelph: BCom (Marketing Management)
Brock: BBA
Ryerson: BCom (Received conditional offer)

I don't know, do people get accepted into business programs with low 70's in advanced functions but high marks in other subjects? D:
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I got my acceptance for laurier bba in early January and it was completely based off of my grade 11 marks (I fast tracked some grade 12 courses so I had some grade 12 courses). They take your top 6 from your completed grade 11 and grade 12 courses from LAST YEAR. My top 6 average from last year was about a 93% however I do know a friend who also got an early acceptance with an 89%. If your top 6 from last year is about an 88 I think you can expect an early offer. You should probably retake your AF in night school though just to help out your average this year in case you don't get early. Good luck!
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