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I'm Frusterated! What do you think?

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QUESTION! I love engineering. My dream is to be an enginner However, I have never been your typical "smart" kid. My marks barely even reflect my efforts. I have taken study classes, night classes, and everyother online class to try and improve whatever-it-is that is holding my marks down. Some of my peers study about four percent of the time that I do and they get substancially better marks. My average is hovering around an 85% but I feel that if I can't dominate in high school how can I succeed in something as big as engineering?
Now to the question: How heavily does your high school marks reflect your marks in University?
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Don't worry about what your marks may be in university. If engineering is what you really want to do then just go for it. It might be a good idea to consider going to a smaller university in order to be closer to your profs. If you give it your best shot next year and you fail you can always become an engineering tech much of what they do is related to the tasks performed by engineers.
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Work hard and never stop trying!
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Learn spelling and grammar first. You do have to write reports and stuff in engineering, you know.
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^Someone beat me to it. Learning to spell would help.

It is possible that your high school does not have grade inflation. May even have deflation. What are others' marks like?
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If you are passionate about what you want to do and it makes you happy, that's infinitely more important than marks. Engineering programs are there to get you in, not keep you out. I second what pj2121 said, try applying to smaller universities and prove to the profs that you want to be an engineer.
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