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Im Only In Grade 11 But Panicking About Mechatronics At Waterloo

A photo of AnkurBargotra AnkurBargotra
Hi, I just registred and for the next 2 years your probally gonna see me alot around here. I have decided recently that I want to do Mechatronics at Waterloo and want to ask if I am on the right path becuase I know it is VERY competitive with only 120 spots!

My First Sem Marks For Midterm:

Functions - 91 (I am working hard and will bring it up to 94 atleaset)
Comp. Science - 91 (Just wanna keep it above 90)
COOP (2 course) - 92 (I work at Town Hall doing data managment)

I am also starting to get more involved:

Link Crew (Help Kids In Grade 9 Adjust)
Tutoring (Tutored in grade 10 and now 11)
COOP which is 200 hours and may stand out since Mechatronics has COOP
Volunteer Hours = 100 (Im done and am not gonna do more)

*I am also doing something called SHSM which is Specialist High Skills Major in Engineering which alot of schools dont have only mine and like 4 others*

Also I will be taking part of the UW Math and Coding Contest

Throughout the next 2 years I will try to get more involved.

Also I go to Bishop Reding in Milton which is one of the finest engineering schools in the Halton District.

For sencond sem I am taking, Physics, Chemistry, Religion and Comp. Engineering.

Thanks for all those whoe reply I know im in grade 11 but want to prepare in advance.

So....What Are My Chances?

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A photo of jelly jelly
I really don't think anyone can tell you what your chances are based on your math mark... You haven't even taken chem/physics yet, isn't it a bit early to be dead set on engineering? Low-90s average is probably competitive but often chem/physics drop your mark. Also, you're not taking English? ECs could use quite a bit of work as well.
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A photo of pandasbox pandasbox
Grade 11 grades don't really matter (unless you want to get early acceptance). Also, chem and phys matter a lot, make sure you have a good foundation in those courses. Overall, your grades seem fine. BTW what's your English mark? Make sure you have a good (>80) grade 12 English mark.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour

@pandasbox wrote
Make sure you have a good (>80) grade 12 English mark.

How much does Waterloo value your English mark? I want to aim for early acceptance, and I'll have every pre-req except English done for end of first semester. It's not a mark that they would necessarily wait for, right? :p
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
Relax bro.
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A photo of n0y0x n0y0x
Yeah, relax a bit for now. Grade 12 marks are far more important. And don't neglect your AIF when you do apply. The department chair actually writes you a personalized acceptance letter based on your AIF, so you know they read it.

I would spend more time in grade 11 getting some relevant extra curricular in. Don't wait until grade 12 to start. Try to get some programming experience. Work on some larger, non school related projects that are related in some way to tron. Make sure you enjoy working on these projects.

In terms of marks, I got in with 89, so you're on the right track. A little higher won't hurt though :)
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