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A photo of jessicab1994 jessicab1994
Usually I am a good student with averages at least at 80%. But ever since I started thinking about university, how I am going to pay for it, applications, programs, etc. I have been doing very badly on my test. I will actually blank out when it comes to certain questions. Which now means that my grade average is near 60%, even when I study. :(
What do I do to help get my grades back up?! Anything will help.
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
Uhh... 60% is pretty rough. Here are your options:

1. Realize that by doing well, much of your university costs will be covered by scholarships. OSAP, loans, etc will also do.

2. Keep getting 60s and go to a community college and become a dental assistant.

3. Study really hard and get a tutor.

4. Cheat.
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A photo of Super Super
Just stay back a year if you can't get any higher than a 70% average.
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A photo of lovealways6 lovealways6
Are you understanding the course material and just blanking out on the test? Or are you not understanding the material because you spend time worrying about university? Try to figure out where youre going wrong. You could talk to a counselor/therapist? Thats what my friend is doing, since she has been super stressed lately
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