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Im stuck

A photo of marvin1992 marvin1992
Which is best for accounting/ finanace

Brock BBA
Western BMOS
Carleton BCOMM
Laurier BA - Economics with finanacial management

I got an offer from Carleton and Western so im guessing I should stick with Western. If I dnt get into Ivey 2nd year then will the BMOS degree still be good? Also which better prepares you for CFA.
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A photo of thecookiemonster thecookiemonster
I don't think any are that good. Getting into Ivey is your best bet.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
If you don't get Ivey AEO right now, it'll be even harder to get into Ivey by the time you're in BMOS. I'd rather take the Carleton route because it gives a BCOMM degree rather than Western's social science degree or something(might be wrong).
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A photo of Bossofbosses Bossofbosses
Out of the four you listed, hands down Brock.
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A photo of g93 g93
Laurier may be the best route... the Honours Ec program is strong, and is fully-accredited by ICAO. Laurier has had finance positions in the past, although I'm not sure if any were from the Honours Ec program. You may get some opportunities, and definitely more for accounting. You could easily switch to BBA which would open more doors.

Brock probably second for moderately similar reasons (although Brock and Finance don't really mix) and then Carleton and BMOS.

Unless you have AEO, BMOS is risky.
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A photo of SUMmer123456 SUMmer123456
Brock > Laurier > Western > Carleton
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