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Important- Please help

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Hey guys I just need a brief advice. I got accepted to UTSG's physical and mathematical sciences and i want to accept their offer on june 2nd. They sent me the conditions saying that i need to maintain an acceptable average overall and an acceptable average in the pre-reqs. I got into the program with low 80s. I have mid-80s in physics and bio and i have a 71% in calculus. These are the only three courses for my final mark for july. I know that my overall is fine but i'm a bit worried about calculus. Do you think with a 71 i'd be okay for calculus? It's a pre-req for my program. Should i accept uoft or not?
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call them, it's the only way to find out
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Yeah I'll call them Monday. I know what you mean. But I just wanted an idea from other people on whether or not 71 is an acceptable average
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