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IMPORTANT: ROTMAN Supplementary App Help

A photo of ZeeshanJanmohamed ZeeshanJanmohamed
I paid for the PSE and finished my attempt 1 for the questions. Then I clicked I CERTIFY, then it took me back to log in page etc and I clicked next, next. Then it said now click next for attempt 2. Does that mean I have to do all three attempts or is the first one good enough. Can i even get any confirmation that my first attempt went through. How do I know if my PSE is confirmed and completed? Now, it says I attempted 3 times and failed to complete, whereas I did complete it the first time. After I just purposely wasted my 2 and 3 attempts because I knew I finished the first one. Now after the failed 3rd attempt, it says :

"You have tried 3 times but failed to submit your Personal Statement within the allotted 60 minute time frame.

To resolve the issue contact Rotman Commerce by email rotmancommerce.profile@utoronto.ca, or by phone 416-946-0844.

You can return to the beginning by clicking on Rotman Commerce Personal Statement"

I don't know if my first time went through even though I clicked I certify 7 minutes early and completed, I even have picture proof.

Too stressed now! :(
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A photo of KingJW KingJW
Well did you contact them as of yet. If not then do it as soon as possible.
Also what was your first question . . . I got "How do you plan to contribute to the Rotman Commerce community?" and I like totally got cold hands and took so long to write mine but in the end I had similar problem to yours. I was gonna call them but I still had an attempt left and so I just did some other question they gave me.
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A photo of cliffhanger33 cliffhanger33
Do tou have a Mac. Apparently doesn't work on macs
Or maybe enable java script on your windows.

I had a Mac and wasted two attempts for nothing; wrote full essays on two diff topics but had same problem as u. Third attempt was thru a pc and it worked.

Anyway, since u wasted three attempts, email rotman and they will send you a word document of the topic in which u will fill out and email to them.
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