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Important! University Condition!

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Hi all,

I got an offer from UWO for BMOS. The condition is 28 grade points in IB with "no idividual score less than 4"..
I also got accepted Ivey AEO.

However, I gave my IB math HL exam recently, and i might not make the required 4 to meet the condition..
Im pretty sure my overall will exceed the 28 points. (im good in the other subjects!)

What can I do if I dont meet the required 4 for Math HL?

Any input would greatly help!
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Um, there's nothing you can really do...you wouldn't be able to attend UWO next year. Of course, if you have a legitimate excuse for doing so poorly on the exam--some traumatizing incident or brain damage from a recent accident--then they may still accept you then.

here are stats from last year's exams concerning grade boundaries.
I've heard that paper 2 for math HL exam this year was hell, everyone in my school missed about 20 marks, possibly more. They'll scale the exam scores, so don't worry!

Just on a side note, if you drop more than 4 points, Ivey may rescind your AEO offer.

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