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In a 'tight' situation, grd 12 marks advice?? E course?

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Hey guys.
I'm a grade 12 student and i'm really confused on what to do next semester!!
These are my marks: English - 80 Final, Kinesiology - 85 midterm, and Adv Functions - 72 midterms

Next semester i have Calc and Vectors, Bio, Chemistry (inschool) and Chemistry (nightschool).

Long story why i have chem in school and nightschool, but im going to drop lowest one be4 midterms. Also,I have already taken chemistry and dropped it, therefore i dont think its alot of work for me due to the fact that i know Alot of knowledge in that course. I also do not think ill have that much trouble with biology, and calc & vectors, the only question i have is about Advanced functions!!! This class is KILLING ME!!! Not because the material is terribly hard, its because my teachers terribly hard.

I'm facing a terribly tough decision deciding whether to upgrade it next semester online, or keep it as it is (i know as a fact my final mark will be around 75-78%)

I would appreciate any advice, and especially advice from anyone who has had advanced functions e-course. Thank you
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