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In grade 11..Is drafting a necessity for engineering?

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I personally wanted to be a

computer hardware/software engineer
electrical engineer

Is drafting a necessity in these fields?

For Grade 11 Courses should I take drafting or is it easy in university?

Is drafting taught in the above programs at UFT or Uwaterloo?

Drafting is ok and I can get a 90 but I like a course like transportation technology even better because I find it more fun. I know drafting is a necessity in civil engineering but how important is it in fields above?

Gr 11 Schedule

Comp Sci
Comp Eng

8th-Drafting? Transportation Tech?


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I doubt you would do any drafting in the fields you listed. Take whatever interests you more. If you take civil they will teach you how to draft, and your little bit of grade 11 knowledge probably won't help too much. They will start with the basics for everyone (which is a lot of people) who don't have any prior experience.

All I took in high school were core courses: math, English, history, physics, chem and bio. Gave me more than enough base knowledge to prepare me for my undergrad degree, which I did very well in.
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As ktel said, you probably won't ever be needed in those disciplines.

If you find it interesting and can do well in it, you might want to talk to some people at your school and see if it's worth taking. I've heard at some schools that it's terrible and the most they teach you is how to hand-sketch. At my school it's a great course: our teacher was an engineer who had worked at NASA, the government and a large aerospace company; we had tons of software (about the only thing our school spent money on); and there was a lot of different things we learned (it kind of turned into an engineering course versus a drafting course the one year). If your school's course is at all like that, I would highly recommend it to anyone pursuing a career in engineering. It might not be directly applicable to your discipline and you might be taught how to do it should you ever need to, but there's no harm in learning something new and interesting.
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You don't need drafting for those programs. The little CAD that you do need will be taught from scratch in university.
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In the listed programs, you probably won't be needing Auto CAD or any drafting really, the professional engineers basically just review what the designers and technicians drafted up; and they don't sign it until it reaches 100% done. If the career involved CAD the university would teach you. That is however not saying that you shouldn't take it, I'm not sure if the universities would notice you took a CAD course and rate you a little higher because you'd might do better than others at it in university. It's really your decision; if there's something you want to do more than it then you should take that course.
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