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Incomplete Dominance Biology Question?

A photo of CatWarrior1995 CatWarrior1995
I didn't know where to post this homework question...

The palomino horse results from the combination of two incompletely dominant genes, one codes for the colour chestnut and the other for cream. Determine the expected genotypic and phenotypic ratios for the following crosses:

chestnut and cream
palomino and cream
palomino and palomino
cream and cream

Please this is the only question I didn't understand for my homework.. I tried it and I got 100% phenotypic ang genotypic...
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A photo of Silencieux Silencieux
ch = chestnut
cr = cream
palo = palomino

1. 100% palo; 100% ch cr
2. 50% palo, 50% cream; 50% ch cr, 50% cr cr
3. 25% ch, 50% palo, 25% cr; 25% ch ch, 50% ch cr, 25% cr cr
4. 100% cr; 100% cr cr

I think this is right... I haven't done this in a year -_-
Just do your table thing, figure out the genotypes.
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