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Information on Schulich?

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So i hear(lol) that Schulich is one of the best, if not the best, business schools in Canada and the world.
I would like to know why??

What makes Schulich such a grand school in terms of business?
Why choose Schulich over say Queens or Mcgill or Ivey?(Dont list the negatives of other uni's, just list why schulich is better)
If anyone could help out, please feel free to answer :)
Thank You.
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Well one thing I like about Schulich is the extra small classes. 
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Here are the reasons why I chose Schulich over the other top-tier business schools.

Location. Schulich is in Toronto. Staying in the business center of Canada will allow me to network with professionals in the industry, work at a great job while I study, be able to take summer school & intern at one of the BIG 4.

Cost. Schulich only costs about $7500 per year while other schools around at least twice as much. Additionally, I save a lot on residence costs and by choosing TTC over my own car with super high insurance.

CDC. Schulich's Career Development Center is one of the best in North America. It's actually known for baby-sitting its students. I didn't even start my 1st year yet and I've already met with one of the career advisers to polish up my resume and I've went to 4 workshops which actually helped me build my network and overall provided me with professional advantage.

Reputation. I work at Hugo Boss and my clients are partners at law and accounting firms, iBankers, doctors, etc. Once I started telling them I'm in Schulich when they ask if I go to school, I started seeing that my relationship with them changes immediately and I can literally feel their respect towards me jump through the roof of my store. Schulich simply has an outstanding reputation and is ranked as the best business school in Canada for their MBA program in many publications (Economist, Forbes, etc.).

CA preparation. Schulich prepares students well for the CA exams. In fact, Schulich students have the highest passing rate for the UFE among all schools in Canada.

Global perspective. The way business is conducted is rapidly chancing, as more and more companies become international. So far, Schulich is the only school in Canada which offers a truly global perspective to its studies. I think this is going to be a great edge to have, especially by the time we graduate from university.

Alumni. Schulich has a very successful alumni both in Canada and abroad. The schools offers many ways to connect with alumni and even has a mentorship program where students get a mentor, one of the alumni, to receive guidance from on their way to success.

Extra small class sizes. Many of the top schools offer small class sizes. In Schulich they are extra small. :D Even in the 1st year, average class size is less than 50 students per class. Additionally, the classes itself are very small. 100 students in iBBA and 280 in BBA. This allows to form very close bonds with students in the program and venture out into our lives with each other's support. :)

Royal Treatment. This is a weird one. Basically, Schulich students are treated super well at York. We have our own super cool building. Our own lockers. Our own executive dining restaurant. Our own gift shop. Our own super awesome library. I have a list of 16 people (Schulich staff) I can call or email if I have any questions about my program, time table, career, etc. The parking is next to the Schulich building and is connected inside. We even have our own financial office, so we don't have to wait in line with the other 50ish thousand students from other programs at York if we have a questions about OSAP.

Student body. When I applied, I didn't have this point on my list. I thought my fellow students are either going to be snobby or nerdy. However, I've already met with many people from the class of 2015 through numerous dinners, lunches, BBQs and other hangouts. There get-togethers were not organized by the school, but by students themselves (including me ). Everyone turned out to be super fantastic and I cannot wait to study with these people and win case competitions with them!
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