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A photo of DKDG DKDG
im starting it on monday :D
has anyone finished it... or doin it right now?
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A photo of SKing16 SKing16
Hah, I'm almost three weeks in... and its TOUGH.
The workouts are extremely intense, and don't be afraid to take your own breaks throughout the workout. Even those fit guys/girls in the video often take breaks because it becomes too much for them.

I got to a point where I'd always get nervous or even somewhat scared before I would have to start any workout, but I've eased into it now. Although, there will never be a day where you will be excited to hit that play button for an Insanity Workout.

But anyways, three weeks in and I think my body is deteriorating, especially my joints and particularly my knees. Those rest days are essential and you always need to give your muscles time to repair. Multi-vitamin will help though, I forgot to take it.

But yeah, it's not as bad as it may sound though. If your a fit guy to start with, you'll probably keep up with it mostly but it'll still be intense. If your not so fit, the first few days or first week may seem a bit harsh, but you've got to stick through it and you'll find it starts getting easier.
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A photo of DKDG DKDG
im so excited to hit the play button right now though haha. i think im a pretty fit guy, i work out and im a grad of p90x.
I also have swimming twice a week and i want to start a twice a week arm building program during insanity.

I think im gonna quit swimming though... either this month or next month when the max work outs will start.
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A photo of freebird freebird
I've been going for about a month and I really like it. I enjoy the fact that it's a good mix of strength and cardio, and that you don't need any equipment or much space. I definitely recommend it to everyone!
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