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Insight into Neuroscience at university

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The neuroscience program is something I began considering during my gr.12 bio course while learning about the brain. Understanding how the brain works and affects our everyday behaviours, as well as abnormal behaviours, is something that really fascinates me. However, because this is a relatively new interest of mine, I haven't really had the time to look deeply into what the program would be like in university. 

If you're in university, studying neuroscience, I was wondering if you might be able to tell me what the program is like? What have been your favourite aspects of the program? What kinds of courses do you take? What has been the most challenging part of the program for you? What got you interested in neuroscience/what inspired you to enrol in the program?

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Most people study general life science and health sciences hoping to get into medical school or go on to get their Ph.D. With neuroscience, you either need to go to medical school and specialize in neurosurgery or do your Ph.D. in it. At the undergraduate level, there are very few programs that will allow you to only study neuroscience. Typically, you will start off in life science, health science, or psychology, and then have the option to take some basic courses in neuroscience and behaviour. But, in order to actually do anything in this field, you need to go to medical school or get your Ph.D. I would not recommend it in either case. Take some elective courses in it if it fascinates you but a degree in the subject is pointless. It doesn't lead anywhere. 


You can read up on the courses you take here. 
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I am in neuroscience at McGill!!! I think it’s pretty cool, there’s actually not too many neuroscience classes but in 2nd year we take intro to neuro 1 and 2, and then there are a lot of psychology and biology courses that are heavily neuroscience based. There are also a few different streams you can choose depending on what you’re more interested in. I like this program because in first and second year you get a very good life sciences background which really prepares you for upper year courses, and in the upper years you get quite a bit of freedom in course selection! There’s also some math and computer science courses available to us! You should look into it, I think if you just google McGill’s neuroscience major you should find all the courses available (should be available for most schools as well). I just find the brain so fricken fascinating and when I took psychology as an elective in first year I knew neuro was the major for me. It’s honestly amazing!!! Feel free to ask more questions!
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That sounds incredible!! I'm looking into neuroscience at uOttawa and feel the same way about the brain - freaking incredible haha. I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit about some ways the program has challenged you? Details about things you should be prepared for beforehand etc. I haven't really considered McGill but I'd love to learn more about the academic community there and the supports available for neuroscience students. Thank you so much for your reply btw - it's awesome to talk to someone as passionate about the program as I am !
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