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Interesting Desautels Video & Info: Trying to improve program?

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- 30 more professors
- 2x more career advisors
- 3x more investment to student activities
- Integrated approach: 3 professors teaching one class, integrating different areas of knowledge to replicate how it works in the real world

Honours Investment Management

- "First-ever registered investment management firm founded by a university to provide students with an unparalleled opportunity to train as investment analysts"
- Students get to mange about 2.5 million per year
- 2010: 12/13 students got banking jobs upon graduation
- Global internships established in major financial centres around the world: New York, London, Hong Kong, Boston,
Paris, as well as Toronto and Montreal.

Financial times (I know this is MBA, but whatever):

2009: No place
2010: 97
2011: 57

Case study: More than 50%
Text book: Less than 50%
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
Cool. Here's the thing though, other than the HIM students there doesn't seem to be as much opportunities for the other 500 something students. The recruitment is the only thing holding me back.
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