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International Business Fundamentals (BB4MI) on online

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Did anyone of you take International Business on online? If so, would your recommend it to someone who wants to take it for good marks, just to boost up their average? I want to take a course that doesn't require me to put a lot of stress in it. This semester I have got Biology, English and Health Science ('M' course). I considering to take one more course, preferably on online and I am debating over International Business (BB4MI) or Business Leadership (BOH4MI). I have no plans to get into any Business Program. I wanna study Biomedical Engineering and as I said earlier, I want this course to boost up my average. [color=red]Which one do you show thumbs up to?

1. International Business-(BB4MI)
2.Business Leadership-(BOH4MI)

If you have any other insightful points on these courses, please care to share. I need to pick one by Tuesday or else it will be too late. Thanks and have a great time.[/color]
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A photo of WizardViz WizardViz
Is there anyone in here who's taking this course on online right now or had took it already in the past? Please gimme some insights. Is it a bird course, meaning an easy one to get a 90% if I do all the work? Help me people, please answer me! :batman:
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