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International development/psychology - UTSC or queens?

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Hi I know am interested in applying for IDS or psychology(BA) at uoftsc and queens. But I'm not sure which one I should apply for at either school. Has anyone done any of these programs or are in them and can tell me about them? Like for instance which do you think would be better: IDS at uoft or global development studies at queens or the same with psychology? And I feel like I am more interested in IDS than psychology but I hear good jobs in ID are hard to get and I don't know if I'm wrong but I feel a little more secure with psychology. Can anyone tell me about the jobs you can get from either one?
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Both of them are not fields where you can get a lot of career benefits. For psychology, a masters is required at the minimum. To be a psychologist, you need a phd.For international development, you work for a lot of non-profit organizations and gain volunteering experience. If you're looking for self-satisfaction helping others this is a relatively good field but if you're looking for a career with good pay this is not. You should think about what you want to do as a career and if you're ready to do further schooling.
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I am in the exact same boat as you. I want to go to Queens for their psychology program and minor in global development, but I'm wondering which I am more passionate about or which I enjoy more. Waterloo's international development program is very good from what I've heard, and their psychology department is diverse and intensive. I am really torn between what my concentration should be.
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UTSG is verrrry huge (as in AMAZING) with international development/international relations.
They have a top notch program to offer for students who go there.

Queens is better with psych.

However, like what the last two people have said, you should decide on what you really want to study first, then decide on the school.

Best of luck! :D
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