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International Relations. Please help!

A photo of mahanisabella mahanisabella
Hi everyone! I'm a canadian citizen that lives in Spain, doing the IB program (12th grade)

I want to apply to International Relations/Political Science in Ontario. I have a 38 predicted and take Economics HL, Spanish A2 HL, French B HL, English A1 SL, Math SL and Biology SL

As of today I'm sure about applying to University of Toronto:

And the other 3 I'm struggling with are:
- Social Sciences I [POLITICAL SCIENCE] -> McMaster University
- Social Sciences [POLITICAL STUDIES] -> Queen's University (IR is only in the graduate level?)
- International Studies or Political Science -> York University

Which one is it better at? Any specific order?
Thanks a lot!
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A photo of NumberOne NumberOne
I'd rank them as Queen's, York, McMaster

I've heard a few good things about Queen's Arts and it is a really good school overall. York has a program specifically in IR, which would obviously be attractive for you. I haven't heard much about McMaster but being in Hamilton you wouldn't get any good internship/co-op placements in Hamilton.
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A photo of goldmansachs goldmansachs
International Relations at UofT Vic College is the best, but it's crazy hard. My friend in the program was studying on New Years -_- and she's not even a nerd... Ahh, I guess UofT changes every one.

My ranking would Queen's, York and MAC as well.
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A photo of littleroom littleroom

@goldmansachs wrote
... Ahh, I guess UofT changes every one.

Sad, but true.
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A photo of leahquin leahquin
Queen's is a good option, plus if you like it there, you can stick around for a Masters
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A photo of sbruggem sbruggem
My sister (who had about a 95% avg in high school), compared between Mcmaster and Queens for a long time because her end goal is to become a lawyer, and eventually decided on University of Guelph because they have a very specific "Criminal Justice and Public Policy" program. Its newish, but apparently has a good reputation.
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A photo of takavar takavar
anyone get accepted yet?
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