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Internships/volunteering. Holy Grail?

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As some of you may know, I was struggling to find legitimate internships and volunteering opportunities abroad. I wanted something that would look good on my Trinity application, and pad my CV.

I finally found it!!!! I swear on my mother, this is not spam. Haha, I was just so excited and relieved, that I thought I would share this with you guys - because I know firsthand what a pain in the arse it can be, looking for things like this.

I stumbled upon Projects Abroad by chance.
I was out for dinner with my some friends several weeks ago, and my one friend's cousin joined us. She had interned in a law firm in Shanghai through PA, and loved every moment of it (she said it was a top 10 LF - but who knows).

I showed the website to my guidance counselor and he looked into it for me, as I was still a tad skeptical.

He got back to me last week, and said that everything checked out - in fact, a former student of his had volunteered in Ghana through PA.

So I'm pretty sure that I'll be signing up for my gap year, if I don't find a desired position in France. The only problem would be that it can be expensive. If you apply for the "Learn Mandarin" program, then you will be paying upwards of 11grand for three months. From what I can see, that would probably be the only problem. Apart from that, they seem pretty flexible. I think that they offer a fund-raising package, but that may be time consuming.

Anyhow, here's the website's link. Check it out for yourselves:

Best of luck - I hope this helps some of you when looking for internships and volunteer positions abroad :)
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A photo of MaxwellEdison MaxwellEdison
What an effective advertisement!
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Ah shucks, you got me! ;)
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