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Is a co-op program better?

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Does co-op generally make a program better? or does it depend on the type of jobs you get? Is it better to take a co-op program over a non-co-op or should is just come down to the school/program?
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Co-op is great for almost all programs, it gives you that much needed experience that employers crave. One of the few benefits of non co-op is that you graduate 1 year sooner, but that's about it.

tl;dr If you're offered co-op, go for it.
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^ + 1

I'll give you an example. Some people choose Laurier BBA over other higher ranked, more prestigious b-schools such as Queen's, Schulich or even Western/Ivey because of the co-op opportunities at Laurier that don't exist at the other programs.
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I think it depends on the program. For math, engineering, business, accounting, etc - yes. Basically any field in which work experience is the main factor to getting a job. But if you want to be a neurosurgeon, co-op isn't going to help you get into med school or get a residency afterwards.
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