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Is a double major a good idea?

A photo of seanleamen seanleamen
Hey! I am currently a grade 12 high school student in Ontario and I got accepted to Carleton for their Political Science program! However, I still have a decision to make. I have already accepted the offer of admission, but I am also interested in taking a double major (sometimes called a combined major) with Human Rights. I really enjoyed the studing rights and constitutional law in high school Law classes and I perceive taking many Human Rights electives anyways. Do you think a Political Science/Human Rights double major is a good idea? What are the pros and cons? Your help in this matter is appreciated :)

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A photo of MarieAlyssa MarieAlyssa
I don't know anything particular about the double degree you want to take but I'm from Calgary and I'm doing a combined degree in Kinesiology and Accounting. It's an odd combination but I'm liking it so far. The university that I go to offers this combined degree program. Usually, the courses needed for one of your degrees will satisfy some of the courses required for the other so it works out well. Some good things about combined degrees is that you can satisfy two of the degrees that you want if you're torn and want to take both. I guess more job opportunities as well 'coz you have two routes to choose from. One of the major cons of it will be the fact that it'll take you longer to graduate but, as I said earlier some of the required courses from one degree can satisfy the requirements for the other degree so it won't be too long. For my case, it will take me 5 years to complete my double degree.

hope that helps =)

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A photo of Shannie Shannie
I considered a double major but i think the weight load may be to heavy. You should see how many credits/ courses are needed for the double major; i think you need 60 credits for a double major at one of my universities.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I don't see why a double major would not be a good idea. Some people do dual-masters programs.
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Plus, Human Rights and Political Science complement each other well.
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A photo of Kaylamarie21 Kaylamarie21
A double major is a great idea! You could do two different professions. If you ever got bored of one, just go do the other.
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A photo of uoftlover uoftlover
Double-majors are touchy! You have to take into account whether or not you will use both majors in your future employment endeavours, because if not, you will have wasted an extra weight-load for absolutely nothing. However, in your case, Poli Sci and Human Rights seem to complement each other well. I would contact admissions ASAP!
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A photo of magpie magpie
I would suggest mapping out the courses you'll need for both a single major and a double major over the course of the program to get a feel for what you'd be in for - if you feel you can handle to work load, go for it!
I'm returning to school in Sept and at the moment I am hoping to do a double major, to get the most out of my time there (never thought I'd get the chance to go back so I'm gonna giver!) If your choices compliment each other and/or both will open up more career opportunities, than why not? Also, don't you pay a flat fee for tuition when you're taking a full course load? Squeeze in an extra course or two if you can manage it and maybe save some money in the long run.
Probably wouldn't hurt to make an appt with a counsellor or someone like that, they can provide some insight and guidance to help you decide/keep you on track.
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A photo of RichardS RichardS
Your double major sounds like a great idea!

If the courses compliment each other than it shouldn't take more than a semester longer at the most. The biggest help is looking at the degree requirements for each and the course calendar. Literally plan it out and see how it looks!

A note of caution: Most universities don't actually let you declare your major and join the faculty until your second year. However some majors are open and others not so much. Just something to keep in mind with OUAC.

(To clarify I'll use myself as an example: I want to do a double major in media and political sciences at Western. However, the media faculty is apparently more limiting in enrollment and therefore I was told I should apply for media on OUAC and not poli sci.)

Can anyone verify this?

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A photo of adilafzal adilafzal
I think double major's are probably not as beneficial as they sound. It may be good for research funding applications though.
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A photo of mmyers12 mmyers12
The only way you could do a double major, and still manage to get good grades, is with EXCELLENT time management skills and also know that you probably won't be able to work at all during the school term.
I wouldn't suggest a double major to anyone, I find that majoring and minoring is still hard enough but at least with that you can still have a tiny social life.

Depends on how hard you want to work.
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A photo of Dischordx Dischordx
Why not minor? Far less stress and you can still put it on your CV.
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A photo of Em64 Em64
First of all, double majors don't usually require more courses. You just have less electives which, if you really love both subjects, shouldn't be a problem at all. Of course you'd have to check with the program's academic counsellors but really, it's not much more work. I would say, however, to be cautious. It sounds great to have expertise in 2 fields but for many programs, if you actually want a shot at pursuing further degrees (Masters etc) they will only take people with a specialization in one field. At least that was my experience... but it's pretty hard to decide these things in Gr. 12! You can't foresee the future so do what seems best now and there will be time to make decisions later. Good luck!
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A photo of Tessa Tessa
I would think it would look quite good on a resume so thats a plus
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A photo of AmyH AmyH
I think that a double major is a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you're interested in both, why not? It's all about dedication.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
With a double major your loans are going to take a hit but you will also have more jobs available for you after you graduate.
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