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Is BMOS better than BCOMM at McMaster?

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I know BMOS student can take courses called business 1220, 2257 which is about case study. But because Western already have a really gooood business school-IVEY, so I'm not sure that the BMOS will be a better choice for me if I want to major in finance or doesn't matter where you go for undergrad, because I want to get a CFA or MBA from a Us top 40 school.

Thank you
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I'd go for Mac.
Until I recently got into WLU BBA, I was most likely set on going there.

The trading floor facilities seem to be pretty decent, and would be a pretty good asset if you're going into finance. Yes, finance at DeGroote doesn't really cut it compared to QC, IVEY, or the other big schools, but I'm sure it would cut it just as, if not better than BMOS.

Sadly, I have a feeling that BMOS students after second year seem to be almost degraded in comparison to the other IVEY undergrads, and I never really would've liked the environment. That to me was a little turn-off.

On the other hand, DeGroote has their own commerce society. :) I'd just go to Mac, that's me, haha.

My 2 cents.
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