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Is Calculus Needed?

A photo of Bazinga7 Bazinga7
Do you HAVE to take calculus in order to get into a decent program, even if it says recommanded? Is just functions or functions and data just as good?
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A photo of BSchoolMaster BSchoolMaster
Some programs start their business curriculum in 2nd or 3rd year (Laurier, Rotman, McGill, Ivey, etc) and you have to take calculus in first year.

For schools like Queens where your business curriculum starts first year, you are required to take Calculus in high school - Stats, Mathematical Analysis, Marketing, etc in first year require the use of integrals, derivatives, matrices, etc.
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A photo of dyd dyd
I think so.
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A photo of BudsFan94 BudsFan94
in most programs you need functions and calculus. For Schulich, you can get in by taking advanced functions and data even though calculus is recommended. Places like Queens BComm, Rotman, Desautels have made calculus a pre req.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Just like what the above posters have all said, calculus is a very useful course.
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