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Is EngSci worth it??

A photo of Sky7ar Sky7ar
Heard alot of bad rumors about it, such as this [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcPO4yhWSUg[/url]
is it really that bad? studying all the time? high drop out rate? no career future?

ps havent got accepted but wanna know in case of late offer :bounce:
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A photo of inyoface inyoface
It's a good experience to have. You can always transfer out later if you want to.
Engsci covers alot more material than everyone else so you do end up studying alot more.
There is a higher drop out rate compared to other engineering programs, if you count both the people who can't pass and the people who voluntarily switch out.
There is just as much career opportunity for an engsci grad as any other engineering grad, provided their grades and relevant experiences are similar.
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