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Is it a bad idea to take a grade 11 online summer course?

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I'm a grade 10 student in Ontario. (I realize this is kind of a lot of rambling...)

I'm thinking about taking grade 11 biology in the summer as an online course. Mainly because I'm terrible at memorizing, and I know that biology is just hardcore memorization. Since the course is in the summer, I'm guessing it'll be condensed, so there'd be less material I'd have to memorize. Is this still true for an online summer course? I was wondering if they'd make you learn the same amount of content as you would in regular day school since it's online. I know that if I actually went to summer school for it, it would definitely be condensed. I also think I'll probably do better since I'd only have to focus on this one course in the summer.

I don't think I'll be taking grade 12 biology though. I'm really only taking biology because I'm not really sure what university program I want to go into (I really don't know what I'd enjoy doing for the rest of my life...). I'm thinking MAYBE business, but if not, something in science, and I'm almost 100% sure I won't be going in the arts (not because I hate it, but I'm under the impression that there aren't many good job opportunities?). I'm most definitely not interested in becoming a doctor, but I know that biology would be useful in many other things (though I'm not interested in that area at the moment), so I want to take it to ensure that I'm not closing any doors for myself. I'm actually really indecisive. I used to want to teach, but there are literally like, no teaching jobs available in Ontario.

I've heard that taking a science course online was a really bad idea, so I'm having my doubts.
Major disadvantages? Problems that could arise? Things I should keep in mind?

I want to take it online because I don't want to take it during the day in the summer, as I'm looking for some volunteer work to focus on over the summer (I don't really have impressive ECs... I have some community involvement, but nothing outstanding or very long-term since I only started them this year). And mainly, I just want to lighten my grade 11 course load:
ENG3U1 (I know this is supposed to be a pretty easy course, but I take forever to write and edit my essays, and whatever semester I have English in, I think I'll be tight on time for homework).
MDM4U1 (I really don't know if this is super easy or very hard in my school, since the few older students I'm comfortable talking to haven't taken it.)
SCH4U1 (I'm taking grade 11 chemistry right now)
BBB4M1 (Does anyone know if International Business Fundamentals is relatively easy or hard?)
If I do end up taking biology in the summer, I was thinking of taking Communications Technology since I know it's an easy course and I'd probably enjoy it. But since I wouldn't be taking biology during regular day school anymore, I think I could handle something a little tougher. Should I take something to lighten my grade 12 course load instead? Does this cause any problems when applying to universities (I'm already doing this with chemistry...)?

Advice? Things I should consider?

I know it actually doesn't seem too heavy, but I'm not the brightest. I'm actually really scared for grade 11, as I heard it's a HUGE jump from grade 10. My grade 10 science and math marks (82%, 87%) aren't very encouraging either.. I feel like I'll do horribly in grade 11 science (I started grade 10 science with a 63%...) and not very well in math if I could only manage an 82 and 87. I did have a terrible science teacher (arguably the worst grade 10 teacher in the school), and I'm telling myself I'll try extra hard/do ALL my homework/stop procrastinating so damn much, but I don't think it'll be enough...

Any and all advice would be very appreciated!

I apologize for the extremely long post...
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I'm in Grade 10, and I'm going to do International Business next year as well. I think it'll be pretty easy, but are you taking any business courses this year?
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I had grade 10 business last semester (it's really the only business course you can take in grade 10, besides grade 9 business which I didn't take, since I thought it'd be useless... It's basically just learning how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and had an awesome teacher. It's what made me seriously consider going into business.
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Don't take biology in the summer, I believe it's too content heavy to handle in such a short period. I just finished grade 11 bio last semester, my memory isn't great but I did well. Honestly, there is A LOT of memorization but the content isn't too difficult. Overall most tests weren't hard and the exam was, may i say, too easy? If anything that brought my mark down is the assignments. We had 1-2 assignments per unit and my teacher was a pretty tough marker.
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Do you think I'd be able to handle it with the courses I have for grade 11? And which two sciences do you suggest I try to put together in one semester (guidance usually changes it upon request, if you have a reason-which in this case would be that one semester is too heavy)?
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You definitely can. Last semester I had ICS3U, MCR3U, SCH3U and SBI3U.
If you could, try to take physics after you finished math, it would be make your life a lot easier. (you'll be comfortable with the math) As for the 2 sciences in one semester, it's really up to you. I didn't feel like any of them overlapped (other than my bio teacher being a chem teacher so she'd constantly test our chem knowledge :P)
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IB's a joke at my school, didnt do anything, plain common sense on the tests and exam, finished with 100 easily ;)

So yeh, defs take that, its going to be one of your mark boosters
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Alright, thanks.
My main concern is biology though... I feel like I'll be beyond stressed next year... And I'm afraid my marks will really fall hard. My inability to memorize a lot of stuff (and I know that there is A LOT of stuff to memorize in biology) is no joke... My memory's really bad.
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I honestly believe that you could do it, but only, and only, if it interests you. There is no way you are going to stick to your goals and get good grades, if you do not enjoy the subject! So yah, good luck ;)
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Lol, I don't think I'll enjoy it, to be honest... But I really don't want to close any doors for me... I have enough regrets in life, I don't want this to be one of them?
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