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is it possible to get into UTSG with a 78 average?

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Here's a bit of quick backgrounds:

I'm a 105D applicant to the University of Toronto ( Downtown Campus). I graduated in 2009 but didn't attend University because I point blank couldn't afford to without loans, so I worked. I got into every program I applied for back in the day ( in 09) but I've been lurking this website and times seem to have seriously changed. I would like to apply to the downtown campus because it would be much better for me work wise, but I only have a 78 average and am legitimately worried about my chances of success.

I'm also currently taking an ILC course out of interest and I can more or less smell a 90 over all, and I'll have to send the marks in anyways. If I use that in my top 6 I'll have an 81. I'm also looking in to snapping up one more ILC course for safety.

Can we be realistic about my prospects ( or lack thereof?) I have a backup, but I really, REALLY don't want to go to my backup school.

eng 86
ewc 84
Fif 86
HHG 70
MDM 72
CGW 70

= 78 average ( not including ILC courses)

PS: I'm applying for bioethics. Biology is recommended and I'm planning on taking that ( along with chem and advanced functions ) during the summer, but U of T doesn't accept those as part of the admissions average, if I understand correctly.
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verry useful website, shows averages of those who get accepted into each program, best of luck to you :)

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