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Is it too late for OUAC mark processing?

A photo of gebraroest gebraroest
I recently realized my DATA management course mark stated the same when it should've went up by 2%. Apparently my course mark change got lost in translation between different Councillors. I talked to my Councillor today and she said it was too late for universities to receive my marks?? With my data mark change I would have an 87 and without it it would be an 86, i feel this would jeopardize McMaster Life Science acceptance. Should I leave it be or go complain to my principal?
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A photo of zainy1993 zainy1993
Wow, your in a bad situation. Unfortunately I don't think its possible for you to change your mark now. But 1% on 1 subject shouldnt make that much of a difference to your overall admission. What's your entrance average anyway? I have an 84.2% with all my subjects being 80+ and I haven't got an offer yet. Do you think I'll get into Mcmaster Life Sci? Stressed.
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A photo of gebraroest gebraroest
My overall average would go up to 87 from 86. My data management course mark is currently 92 but it should've been 95

To be more precise right now my overall average is 86.83, my average should've been 87.33
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A photo of titaniummob titaniummob
I'd call them and explain your situation see what they can do because for life sciences at mac going from 86 to 87 average can make a world of difference.
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