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Is it too late to apply?

A photo of petekoonsakda petekoonsakda
Okay well, i applied to UofT, Waterloo, and Ryerson way back in december, and i was on time for the OUAC application. But i have a friend who went to his ouac account, and added another program and still got accepted. I thought deadlines passed already, is it still possible to apply? My friend added Health Science from McMaster into his ouac during the march break, and got accepted the week after. Another friend of mine applied to brock 2 days ago by adding the program to his ouac, and of course paying the 40$ fee, and got accepted today into brock for social science. I am wondering about this because i want to add in a program in Laurier that im interested in, but i just thought it was too late...
thanks if anyone can help
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A photo of xoxkarolina xoxkarolina
i just applied to Guelph right now for a program. i havent gotten accepted yet, but they allawed me to apply
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A photo of cdkpsa cdkpsa
Yes, you still can, as long as the programs and deadlines for supplementary apps are open. My friend applied to York two weeks ago and was accepted last week.
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