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Is it true,,,,?

A photo of HughJazz HughJazz
Is it true that UofT this year was low on funds so they accepted basically everyone who applied? Im in the kin/phe program and they usually take 100 kids but am wondering if more were accepted.
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The phenomenon you speak of is happening across programs across all Canadian universities -- including professional graduate programs, not just undergrad. Every school has its fair share of problems as a result of being underfunded. I hardly think U of T is an exception. Queen's, for example, went through a lot of financial trouble in the last few years, and more and more programs are being cut.
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
No, they didn't accept everyone who applied. Did they accept a lot of students? Yes. Are a lot of those students going to drop out after first year? Yes. Are you first year classes going to be huge? Yes.

Although it is last year's data, you can check out CUDO for U of T:

If you go to section B1, you will see that last year they had 845 applicants for the PE program, and only 167 actually registered in the program. So no, they clearly don't accept everyone who applies.
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