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Is It Worth it to take U Advanced Functions in gr12?

A photo of Kevin4 Kevin4
.....Or should I take the U Math of Data Management in gr12

Hello, I am planning on a some legitimate University options that I divide into two groups.

The first group includes Kinesiology and Health Science BSc degree at York University, Bachelor of Health Science at University of Western Ontario, BSc in Kinesiology at York University, and some other similar ones. These programs are BSc degrees that DO NOT require Advanced Functions and only require any University math that can include Math of Data Management (The lower level University one).

The second group are similar BSc degrees at different Universities that require Advanced Functions.

Basically if I take Advanced Functions it opens up a few more doors but are these doors worth it to take the higher math? I'm worried because math is one of my worst subjects (high 60's-low 70's)and I don't want to risk lowering my average out of Honours Roll and knock out my chances of entering any University.

Thank you so much! :)

Oh and if by chance you have taken any of these programs any tips would be helpful (heavy math?)
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A photo of safarhealthsci1 safarhealthsci1
I would recommend strongly if you plan to take any math in university. You learn more in the first month of functions that you do in all of grade 9,10,11 combined.
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A photo of Qq Qq
If you plan on taking business or science related courses then yes..
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A photo of vicdoxey vicdoxey
With the experience of 4 days in 4U functions, and then dropping it even though we were only doing review from grade 11 functions, you are going to have a lot of hard work coming your way if you take the course. If the university you apply to doesnt care if you take data or functions, take data. Its all statistical analysis and can get tedious but I can assure you that you will be less frustrated with it compared to Functions.
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A photo of neel0916 neel0916
alot of universities have functions are a pre requisite, even more so than data management....i highly reccomend u take functions rather than data...or u can take both :p
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
If you're 100% sure that you only want to go into the programs that require any 12U math, then maybe you should take data. But don't think that just because it's not usually a prerequisite for Uni programs that it's easier to do. Both are math courses so both will be "heavy math", it's just that data is more problem solving based and functions is more concept based. I think in my school advanced functions actually had a higher class average than data but I surpose that depends on the teacher too.

I'd recommend just taking advanced functions incase you change your mind about what programs you want to go into. Also, it'll prob be more useful in Uni math courses.

And a couple tips for math:
Practice a lot, listen in class, go over notes and make sure you understand everything, ask for help when you don't understand and practice some more.
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
I'm taking Data Management right now.... and IT SUCKS!

I would gladly take some sort of higher level Advanced Functions/Calculus than this. There is more bullshit in this course than Religion (which I took last semester). Maybe it's just my teacher, but I don't feel like doing any work in that class and the textbook honestly just makes me want to burn it.
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Advanced Functions > Data

Advanced functions teach you the basics that you need to know to advance into calculus. It's also more "math" based than data. I heard data is just tedious and useless unless you are into stats and stuff...
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