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Is it worth it?

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Hello everyone! :) I'm in grade 11 this year & I've found that a lot of people in grade 12 at my school are obsessed with going to America for undergrad. I just want to know, is there a reason for this? I know some of them are just looking to get into the big name schools like Harvard, Yale, etc... even though none of them actually do.

Is there any advantage in going to the US for undergrad (non-Ivy schools that are still reputable and comparable to McGill, Toronto, etc.) if you are going to pursue graduate studies? I want to go into medicine in the future, so would there be any point of going to a US school for undergrad? Even if I decide that I want to go to the US for med school, would it still be possible coming from a Canadian undergrad program?
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Ivy undergrad from Canada here. I think prestige is definitely a factor when people think about going to the US, and especially the Ivy League. Is there any real advantage though? I would argue yes for a lot of situations, but less so for schools more comparable to UofT/McGill such as UCLA, NYU, etc. I actually visited the UCLA campus yesterday and I think I'd have a pretty hard time deciding between UCLA and Toronto if they were my top choices for undergrad.

Medicine is tricky though, because US med schools look for different things in your application than med schools in Canada. I know that I'll have a really difficult time trying to get into a med school back in Canada but I think I have a decent shot at a good US med school when I eventually apply.
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