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Is Mac your first choice?

A photo of methuraK methuraK
Anyone here that plans on going to Mac for business ? :)
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A photo of greatwallpaul greatwallpaul
Personally, I cant wait to get out of this craphole called Hamilton ;)

I hate this city. If you stay JUST in MAC you may be OK but the rest of this city sucks.

But that's just me.

If anyone has any questions about Hamilton, I will be happy to help
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A photo of sserenity sserenity
I have a huge problem.
My first sem marks were Data Management: 83
Advanced Functions: 88
Law: 92
International business: 93

this semester i have
Accounting (not planning on being in the top 6)
Calc .. currently getting an 88
and English.

My english mark is in the 60's. is there a minimum english mark i must maintain. My teacher said we only have two more assignments that will be on the midterm, and there's no possibility to raise my mark 10%.
So should i be prepared to come back for a semester, or does it not matter?
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A photo of v70 v70
You'll need min. 70% in english as a prerequisite.
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