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Is Mac's business heavy on Calculus throughout the years

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I have applied to Human resource for mcmaster univerity
How heavy is calculus in the first year throughout the other years
are they only going to have calculus throughout 1, 2 and third year?

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If you're talking about their business/commerce program, then I am 99% sure that you only need to take 1 math/calc course as long as you took Grade 12 calc. There's three that you can choose from iirc and they might have different level of difficulties, but if they're basic first year calc courses that aren't for math or engineering students, they can't be too difficult- mostly a review of Grade 12 calc plus a few topics in integration that will be new (most schools/teachers don't unless you're in IB/AP).

Consult the undergraduate calendar for more details.
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My sister went to McMaster for health science and she constantly tells me calculus there is really easy and the transfer from high school math to university math is easily manageable. I assume it isn't that difficult so I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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there is one calc course you have to take first year and another one if you didn't take it in high school, second year there's no calc but data management (which comes up more often than calc throughout all your other courses like finance). Basic derivatives come up in a second year econ course and that's about it. Im in second year at mac for commerce
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