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Is McGill An Option?

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Because no one cared to answer in the other section...

Hi guys,

I'm from British Columbia and I will be applying to McGill within the next month to next month and a half or so. I really need your help in answering some questions, because they're literally keeping me up at night.

A bit about me:

I was never the "model" student. I'm in Grade 12 this year, but my marks last year were nothing extraordinary. My only A was a 90% in foods. I finished with about 70% in Math 11, and 82% in English 11. This year has been a lot better. The first semester is not over yet, but as it stands, my marks look something like this:

Chemistry 12: About 95%
Math 12: About 88%
Biology 12: About 90%

The reason I say "about" is because the BC teachers are currently having issues negotiating a new contract with the Provincial Government, and thus were not allowed to show us our real marks. I will be getting them by the end of the semester, but all these marks were calculated by myself using a method advised by the teachers that I have. Nevertheless, I am positive that those marks are 100% correct, but at the very least, are extremely close.

My dilemma is that I also have French 12 this semester. I'm in French immersion, and thus I need it to graduate. My current mark in that class is somewhere between 70%-73%. It frightens me to think that because of that one lousy mark, my entire future will be jeopardized.

So assuming I have a 70% in French, my average comes out to be 85.75%.
Assuming I have a 73% in French, my average comes out to be 86.5%
It shouldn't be too hard to get my mark up to 75%, which would make my average out to be 87%
And if I somehow manage to get it to about 80%, my average would turn out to be 88.25%

I'm still holding out hope that I can somehow get an 86% in that class. I didn't do all too well on a test or two, and I plan on rewriting them. But it does scare me.

Do I have to show McGill my French mark even if I don't want to? I always thought they took your top 6 marks. Couldn't I just show them my Math, Bio and Chem marks, along with 3 from courses I'll have next semester? If not, then would the above averages be enough to get into McGill? I'm contemplating between going into Arts or into Sciences. Are those averages enough? Do you think I have a good chance?

Look at this: http://www.mcgill.ca/applying/standards/canada/

So like with the example for Arts, it says the "minima" you need is about 87% overall, and 80% in each "ENGLISH OR FRENCH COURSE IN TOP 5". So I have two questions about this:

1) Why would I have to show my French mark if it said "English OR French"? Couldn't I just show my English mark next semester?

2) It said the minimum was about 87% overall. If I get that, does it mean I'm practically guaranteed to get in, or is that like the bare minimum required (i.e. the lowest overall accepted was 87%)?

For the Sciences it doesn't really ask for your English or French mark. All it wants, depending on which one of the sciences we're talking about, is:

a) 92.7% overall;
85% in each math and science course in Top 5

b) 88% overall;
83% in each math and science course in Top 5

So for this one, my question is:

1) If I apply to the Sciences, does that mean I can use my Math, Bio and Chem marks from this semester (because they're very high), and 2 other marks from next semester? Will they not care if I don't send them my French mark, even though French is one of the 4 courses I have this semester?

I look forward to hearing back from anyone with insight on this subject :)
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A photo of rightsaidfred rightsaidfred
1. Go to the McGill website
2. Look at admission requirements/cut off averages
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If you go to an english school then they'll only look at your english mark, unless your french ends up being in your top 6. If, as you said, you have three other marks that are higher then they will not take the french into consideration.
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