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Is Mid 80s Enough for University?

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Hi,I am going into grade 12 this year and am interested in health sciences/life sciences and BSc kinesiology programs.

My marks for grade 11 were:
Biology 91
Chemistry 83
Grade 11 English 95
Grade 12 English 88
Business 86
History 80 (Hated the class with a passion)
Functions 73 (I know way too low)
Gym 98

Not including Gym my grade 11 average was 85.1%

In grade 12 I am taking Advanced Functions, Biology, Chemistry, Exercise Science, Earth and Space Science and mixed philosophy.

Looking at Ontario University websites the cut off for the health science programs is in the low 80s. I know this of course does not guarantee anything at all. Before I used to think mid 80s were good enough to get in to these programs but after reading these forums it seems people interested need at least low 90s or they don't stand a chance.

So my question is: Would a mid 80s average be good enough to get into programs such as York's health science, York's BSc Kinesiology, UOIT health science, UWO health science and other programs like it? I seem to be stuck in the middle; one step away from University science programs and one step back from Collage.

Thank you if you can help me out !
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Yeah you should be fine for those programs. Your marks are definitely good enough for university. Might not make it into all health/life sci programs (Mac and possibly Queen's are the only ones I can think of right now), but you'll be fine for the others. Keep in mind that many of the students on this forum are aiming for Mac health sci (which requires a 90+ avg) so that's why there are so many people aiming for 90s.
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