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Is preperation for first year engineering needed?

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I'm going to McGill engineering next year. This year, I took a gap year after high school and haven't done anything school related. I was wondering if I should study some calculus, physics, chem or anything in the time I have now to prepare for university. Also, for chemistry and math last year, I had really bad teachers and I don't feel at all prepared. Is there some material you would recomend me learn/review before going into engineering?

Thanks for your help :)
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You should at the very least brush up on calculus. Some concepts you might want to review in preparation for first year include:

1. Limits (and Riemann's sum)
2. Derivatives
3. MAYBE integrals (if you guys even bothered covering this in high school)

I believe McGill engineering does a year of general engineering in which every discipline take the same basic subjects. In this case you may want to review some of the fundamental concepts such as:

1. Force and acceleration
2. Torque and momentum

I doubt that they will cover Chemistry in first year for every discipline, as it would be somewhat of a waste since most of us don't end up using chemistry anyways. You might want to do a little bit of review nonetheless.

Good luck! Congratulations on the acceptance!
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The first 2 weeks or so on the term do a good job of refreshing your memory on high school prerequisite material.

I didn't do a gap year but I finished my calculus, physics, and chemistry requirements in grade 11 (I could have actually joined engineering by then, but I didn't have grade 12 english), so I was pretty rusty by the time university started. I didn't bother reading up before uni. However after the first week I was fully up to speed on calculus and Newton's laws and so on!

Reading up won't hurt certainly, I'd recommend reading up on calculus and physics especially, but otherwise don't be too worried about it. Enjoy summer.
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