yconic - Is Queen's really as snobby/cliquey as it's made out to be stereotypically?
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Is Queen's really as snobby/cliquey as it's made out to be stereotypically?

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Preferably answers from people who attended Queen's or know people who have, but all responses are welcome. Thanks :)

And if you have anything else to add about Queen's student life/res life please do, I'm interested in knowing as much as I can before making my decision.
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Short answer: yeah, pretty much. Long answer: as with most stereotypes, there is some truth in the stereotype but the reality is a lot more nuanced.

I grew up moving around the GTA, so I experienced some pretty serious culture shock when I came to Queen's and Kingston. I went to a high school that was super diverse, both racially/culturally diverse and diverse in terms of people's interests/lifestyles/crowds. Overall, my experience with Queen's is that it tends to be fairly homogeneous. The vast majority of students tend to look, dress and act the same and have fairly similar interests. I was somewhat depressed for my first few months, because I felt like all the girls were these blonde, UGG and Abercrombie wearing zombies who all acted exactly the same and I just couldn't relate to them. However, there are some alternative groups and crowds on campus if you're not the typical rich kid. I was lucky enough to find and make friends in a couple of alternative crowds in my first year and I really thrived after that point, so it's not at all impossible, but I would have to say that it takes a lot more effort to find alternative crowds at Queen's than it does at somewhere in the big cities like York, UofT, McGill, etc. It's worth it in the end though because most groups at Queen's tend to be extremely tight-knit and supportive because our campus is a lot smaller.

That said, not everyone here is rich. There are tons of kids on scholarship and/or OSAP who are working hard to be able to afford to go to school. And I wouldn't really say that anyone here is snobby, except for sometimes when it comes to academics or grades. Most people are very friendly and won't act snobby with you, it's more just that it may be difficult for you to form lasting connections with people beyond the level of friendly acquaintances if you don't find a group that you actually have interests in common with. Cliques tend to form more along the lines of majors/programs/clubs than along money lines. So for example, engineers can be cliquey (not that the rest of us care haha), nursing students mostly hang out with other nursing students, all the kids in student government (AMS) tend to be very cliquey with each other, etc.

I know this it going to sound trite, but a lot of it is about your attitude. If you go to a school with the preconception that everyone there is snobby and that you have less money than them, your attitude will probably harm your chances of making friends and enjoying yourself. If you go in with a great attitude and keep an open mind, you'll see a good outcome. University is what you make of it.

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